The marketing industry calls them rock stars, pioneers, and innovators – we call them our members.

When it comes to pushing your firm, our chapter, and the profession forward, you give it everything you’ve got. We get it, and that’s why we’ve developed a series of annual awards that are for marketers by marketers. Representing diverse backgrounds, firms, and experience levels, these outstanding members demonstrate a shared passion for advancing the profession of AEC marketing through leadership, advocacy, volunteerism, and industry-leading work on behalf of their firms. And now for this year’s deserving winners – drum roll, please.

First presented in 1981, the award recognizes a current chapter member whose accomplishments and impact on our profession are something for us all to aspire to and admire. Though a bit big for a desk, the award has graced the offices of a long list of SMPS DC legends – those whose careers and examples have blazed a trail for us all. Will you be next?

2018 Recipient

Joanna Hoffschneider


Like its recipients, this award is newer to our chapter, but no less important. Introduced in 2009, the Rising Star recognizes chapter members with less than five years of experience who have shown dedication to our chapter through volunteerism and committee involvement. In a city full of marketing rock stars, these future leaders shine a little brighter.

2018 Recipient

Kyle Veater

Marketing Manager

Volunteer support is essential to everything we do. That’s why each year we celebrate one outstanding volunteer from each committee with a New Heights Award. These winners champion chapter programs and initiatives – bringing the passion, grit, and creativity their committee chairs can’t live without.

8 Winners

This coveted award is given each year by the current SMPS DC President to one deserving Board member who has gone above and beyond in their contributions to the chapter. Through dedication, creativity, and grit these chapter leaders demonstrate their passion for the society and our members by selflessly volunteering their time and talents to further the SMPS DC mission.

2 Winners

As marketers you put your heart into everything you do, and we’re recognizing all that hard work, passion, and commitment with an awards program designed just for you. Show yourself, your team, and your firm some love by submitting your best work to SMPS DC’s Chapter Marketing Communications Awards program.