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14 Jun, 2013

10 Tips to Maximize Your Experience at Build Business 2013

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  1. Register early – Register for programs and presentations online. Print your registration confirmations in advance in order to avoid long lines at the registration area on the first day of the conference.
  2. Research the exhibitors/speakers- Exhibitor lists are usually available on the event website. I recommend placing it into an excel spreadsheet, categorizing exhibitors by priority and including their booth location.
  3. Map out a plan of attack- Take a Sharpie and mark the exhibitors you want to visit. This can be an extremely helpful way to guide yourself at an expo. Elevators can get packed. Start your day on the top floor of the conference and work your way down.
  4. Think Big Picture: Why are you going? There should be a strategy behind your trip. Jot down your goals and what you want to do with the knowledge you gain.
  5. Research event topics: If you are focusing on specific trends or vertical markets, remember to keep an eye out for those seminars that stand out. It is very easy to forget what your focus is.
  6. Take pictures: Whether it is a phone, camera, or iPad, you should take lots of pictures. Brochures can get heavy and you want to have a visual back up of what you saw.
  7. Bring batteries & chargers: iPhones quickly lose battery power especially if you are using them throughout the day for social media or taking pictures. Outlets are rare. Purchase additional battery boosters as a backup.
  8. Pack snacks: Although most conferences have food and drinks available, it’s a good idea to have your own snacks to power you through the day.
  9. Dress comfortably, but keep it professional: Women should wear shoes you can walk in for long periods of time. Dress in layers as conference halls can get cold.
  10. Bring business cards: If you forget the rest of these tips at least try to remember this one! If you think you have too many business cards you will still need more.
Marissa Cornejo, LEED AP, MOI Marketing Manager, Business Development & Marketing