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29 Apr, 2010

April Lunch Program Recap: Future of LEED

Hanna Tadesse

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by: Hanna Tadesse (Syska Hennessy Group)

SMPS DC held its final luncheon event of the program year at Clyde’s in Gallery Place on Wednesday April 21st. The program addressed a trending topic in the A/E/C industry, what is the future of LEED?

The two speakers, who took on this task, were Corey Enck of USGBC and Kim Pexton of HITT Contracting. So here’s what you need to know, according to Enck and Pexton this is what you should expect the “future” of LEED to look like for the A/E/C industry:

Courtesy of our live Twitter feed at the event (#SMPSDC):

-The Market is currently 70% slightly above code

-USGBC made some major changes in the LEED rating system in 2009

- Weightings Tool allows you to weigh each LEED credit based on the environmental impact

- Public Transportation Access is one of the most important LEED credits in the rating system

- Points have been added to the rating system for certain states check out @usgbc to get the latest information.

-New tools and resources have been uploaded to www.usgbc.com

-2012 will be the next time @usgbc updates the rating system

- List of impact categories is in the works this is in addition to the impact categories list that @usgbc usually comes from the EPA

- 5 yrs ago HITT didn't even have a recycling program! Now they're at the forefront of the Green cause

-Contrary to popular belief Green is not going out of style due to the economy it's far more expensive for owners NOT to be Green

-Green is not all about materials... It's about conserving energy and resources

-Lean Construction allows you to streamline your business processes. It helps a team find steps they can skip or consolidate

-Lean Construction: Lean principles were born from the car manufacturing industry

-BIM increases productivity and high quality

-Clash analysis helps constrictors input the construction schedule into BIM

-BIM allows itemizing, it helps us save natural resources and be more cost efficient

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