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01 Sep, 2011

B5: Bringing Back the Best of Build Business

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This year SMPS DC sponsored its first Pay-it-Forward Grant to bring one member to Build Business, the SMPS national convention. This all-expense-paid trip is an investment in the chapter and a means of bringing the knowledge gained at Build Business back to DC area members. The resulting program is Bringing Back the Best of Build Business (B5).

During this upcoming three-hour education program, six conference attendees will present their favorite topics in a round-robin room full of knowledge. If you attended Build Business, this is a chance to show what you know, connect with your peers, and pay forward the benefit of your experience. If you couldn’t make it to Chicago this year, this is your chance to hear what the speakers had to say as presented by our local experts.

With almost 40 topics to choose from, it will be hard to boil Build Business down to only six, but those presenting will do their best to bring home what they learned. Possible topics include the Federal Market, the Science of Influence, High Performance Teams, and Expectations from the C-Suite.

Please join us for the kick-off to a year of excellent education programming and the inaugural B5 event.

By: Falynn Schmidt, CPSM and Winner of the Pay-It-Forward Grant