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25 Oct, 2012

Bringing Back the Best of Build Business: An Interview with Jennifer Boyer

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Couldn't attend Build Business 2012, but interested in the presentations? View a summary in our Program Materials section.

Congratulations on being selected by the SMPS DC Chapter to receive the Pay It Forward Grant to attend the National Build Business Conference in San Francisco! What made you decide to apply for this grant?

I had the privilege of attending the National Conference held in Boston, MA in 2010. The knowledge I gained was truly invaluable. Being able to network and exchange ideas with marketers from around the country was great, and exploring the city was amazing.

I wanted to experience that again, but knowing that the National Conference was not in the budget this year, I applied for the Pay It Forward Grant.

For those who are not familiar with the “Pay It Forward” grant and it’s process, can you please explain the process and benefits of applying?

jboyerBuildBusiness.jpgSMPS DC posted a Pay It Forward application on their website. This application consisted of seven questions ranging from explaining your involvement in the chapter to how do you intend to Pay It Forward. In addition to your application response, a letter of reference from your supervisor and a current or former DC Chapter Board member must be included.

The benefits of applying for this grant are amazing! Not only does SMPS DC pay for your conference admission fees, but they also pay for your airfare, hotel, and meals.

The benefits of the grant go beyond the monetary value. For instance, it’s one thing to read marketing newsletters, blogs, etc., or network with your peers at SMPS DC, but it’s another to attend a three-day conference with your peers from all around the Country. You really have a chance to connect with people on a different level.

What were your favorite highlights from the Build Business Conference in July?

One of the highlights from Build Business was the discussions I had with peers from around the country. It was great to have the support from others in similar situations and have the ability to learn how others deal with those situations.

Another highlight was getting to know my fellow SMPS DC Chapter members. I attend events and talk to my SMPS friends often, but I seldom have the opportunity to get to know them well. I believe that taking us out of the normal day-to-day activities gave us the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level. I genuinely enjoyed that!

The other highlight for me was seeing the West coast, and especially San Francisco, CA. I have always wanted to visit there, but have never had the opportunity. The National Conference and the Pay It Forward grant was a great opportunity for which I am grateful.

As part of “Pay It Forward” process, what do you expect to bring back for other SMPS members?

I am excited at the opportunity to share the knowledge I gained at Build Business with the rest of the SMPS DC Chapter members. A few of the SMPS DC Chapter members, who attended Build Business, have shared their notes and handouts with me. You can download this information from the SMPS DC Chapter website. The topics include presentations, truth selling, urban development marketing, water the bamboo, and stress management.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from this experience?

The most valuable lesson I have learned from this experience is that you cannot achieve your goal without trying. Not only did I receive the grant, but I also received the knowledge and the friendship of my peers.

Interview by: Shaylee Carmona DBI Architects, Inc.