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23 Sep, 2015

CPSM, Beyond Certification: Falynn Schmidt, CPSM

Falynn Schmidt

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We spend hours, days, weeks reading proposals, editing our team’s writing, compiling consultant information, choosing images, and reorganizing resumes. We compile award submissions, track future projects, meet future clients, make cold calls, coordinate photography shoots, write press releases, and organize events. We work in diverse teams amongst other marketing professionals, within our firms’ studios, and across consultant disciplines. And at the end of the day, professional fulfillment comes from knowing we worked hard to find the best projects for the best professionals in the various fields we represent.

No one recognizes this more than SMPS, a niche organization dedicated to providing learning opportunities, professional development, and networking for exactly what we do. Sometimes it is hard to explain the value we bring to the team in a simple, straightforward way. Earning CPSM certification helps do exactly that. It is an instantly recognizable badge of credibility that says we bring a level of expertise to what we do every day.

Earning my CPSM certification has opened professional doors in building my network, furthering my education, and securing new positions at great firms. Through CPSM-only events, I've met experts in our field who have helped me hone skills as I take on new roles in the profession. At CPSM Day at Build Business (the SMPS national conference) I met veteran marketing professionals from around the country, all of them eager to share their knowledge and experience. The sessions and speakers selected to address certified professional services marketers are timely and relevant.

When I have a question at work I know I can’t be the only one to have faced that specific challenge, and the national CPSM online community is there to help and provide suggestions and solutions from their own experience. The community is supportive, responsive, and enthusiastic.

Becoming a CPSM even helped me attend Build Business, an opportunity I would not have had without SMPSDC’s Pay it Forward Grant. The certification serves as proof of my commitment to the industry, to the profession, and to SMPS, which helped me qualify for that generous grant.

One of the most valuable steps in the CPSM process is studying for the test. The study group is really a support group. After months of studying, you have been through the trenches together. Your fellow study group members become the backbone of your network. SMPSDC’s CPSM Bootcamp prepares you for the exam, motivates you to keep studying, and encourages you to follow through to certification.

CPSM is much more than just the certification. It is a network of experts, a community of support, and a recharge of enthusiasm for what we love to do: win the best work from the best clients, for the best teams. It is one more affirmation of what we bring to the table.