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12 Sep, 2013

DC Public Schools Beautification Day

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DC Public Schools Beautification Day

This year's DC Public Schools Beautification Day was held on Saturday, August 24, 2013. This annual DCPS event was established in 2005 as a citywide “spruce up” of all DC public school buildings in preparation for the first day of school. Beautification efforts included landscaping, trash pick-up, light painting, planting flowers, and other external beautification efforts. The volunteers and supplies supported over 100 schools.

For the second year, SMPS DC was selected to help “beautify” Jefferson Academy, located in South West DC. SMPS members took part in various activities around the school including mural painting, helping teachers unpack and organize supplies, and decorating classrooms for the upcoming school year. The highlight of the day was having the pleasure of working closely with two Jefferson Academy special education teachers to prepare their classroom for the incoming class of Trojans. SMPS volunteers assisted with decorating bulletin boards, displaying the school motto, creating behavior charts, and showing off the teacher’s University of Maryland Alumni pride. By the end of the day, the classroom was ready for the 2013 school year.

One of the teachers, Ms. Locher, took the time to personally thank the SMPS DC volunteers for all of our hard work:

Mr. Cohen and I would like to send a huge thank you to you and the other volunteers for taking the time out of your Saturday to help prepare our classroom for the start of a new school year. Mr. Cohen and I are both special education teachers sharing the classroom and it is so important that the visuals are clear and done in a way that is visually pleasing. I was so impressed when I walked in at all the teamwork taking place and the vision you and the other volunteers had to make the classroom a warm, inviting and fun place to be.

Mr. Cohen and I truly appreciate all the team's hard work. Jefferson Academy has been making huge strides in the past couple years and this year is HUGE for us in terms of making gains towards high levels of proficient from all our students. Having an inviting environment is one of those important first steps.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!


Britany Locher
Jefferson Academy, Humanities 6 & 7th grade
Special Education

SMPS DC would like to thank all of the volunteers that participated in this year’s DC Public Schools Beautification Day and those who donated much-needed school supplies to Jefferson Academy. We are looking forward to participating in this event again next school year.

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