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03 Mar, 2011

Effective Presentations by Design

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You have made it to the short-list and now it is time to start preparing for the presentation. Where do you start and how do you build your presentation team’s confidence?

These are just some of the challenges and questions that Margaret “Meg” Winch of Communication Resources addressed in her program, “Effective Presentations by Design”. On February 16th, 35 SMPS members and guests attended a program discussing the four stages of presentation development that drive winning short-list interviews. Meg’s informative presentation was filled with client-centric strategies, engaging anecdotes, and interactive sessions that revealed ways to develop more compelling presentations, while encouraging teammates to speak more confidently.

As a former project manager in the AEC industry, Meg has been a presenter; as a communications consultant, she has helped agencies evaluate presentations. Her experience in both roles provided a unique perspective in helping marketing professionals better coach teammates to a project win.

Meg began with providing information on alignment, sharing research strategies that result in not only knowledge of the client and their needs, but also knowledge of competitors. Next, Meg discussed presentation strategy development and ideas for thinking outside of the box. An interactive session followed where Meg recruited five audience members to demonstrate presentation choreography, including strategies for environment design that makes a positive impact with clients. Lastly, the group discussed the rehearsal, where Meg shared ways to encourage and instill confidence in the team.

The program closed with insightful questions from the audience and a hilarious presentation story that Meg will always remember (unfortunately). A thought regarding effectively managing the four stages of presentation development: a winning short-list interview is about one thing – the client.

By Michelle Heim AECOM [flickr album=72157626074440106 num=10 size=Square]

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