13 Apr, 2018

Event Recap: American Geophysical Union Headquarters Project Tour

Irene Kwon

Event Recap  
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SMPS DC members received a behind-the-scenes all-access pass to the $40 million, 62,000 sf, net zero energy renovation project at the American Geophysical Union Headquarters, which is the first of its kind in the District.

Our members learned about AGU’s mission to become the first-ever net zero renovation of an existing building in the District, so that they could inform the public about sustainable building by reducing carbon and environmental impacts. Hickok Cole's Guil Almeida and MGAC's Greta Perry discussed important project design features such as solar PV energy and how it was incorporated into the design to generate one hundred percent of the building's total energy.

Skanska Project Manager Brian Mukolwe showed us the radiant cooling system panels that were installed in the ceilings, which will absorb heat energy emitted by the people and lights by running chilled water through pipes. A green wall will also be installed to improve indoor air quality by cleaning the circulating air and filtering the carbon dioxide before releasing it back into the building.

The project is scheduled to be completed later this summer and AGU will host their annual fall meeting with more than 25,000 members at their newly renovated headquarters later this year.

SMPS DC members tour the future penthouse space at AGU.