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14 Sep, 2018

Event Recap: Bringing Back Build Business 2018

Amanda Cole

Event Recap  
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I had the honor and privilege of being awarded SMPS DC’s Pay It Forward Grant that allowed me the opportunity to attend this year's Build Business conference in San Diego, California. By now you’ve likely seen my videos (is anyone else utterly terrified of video?) where I had the opportunity to work with some of the engaging speakers and even the keynote, Jay Acunzo, formerly of Google, Hubspot, and other big tech names, to share some of the things we learned at the conference. Using some of the tried and true advice from Josh Miles during his Let’s Get Digital presentation to our chapter, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and even right in front of the camera (yikes) to give you all a front row seat to the action!

A big take away from the conference was the discussion of the next Marketing movement in our industry – Client Experience. Client experience refers to the sum of the emotional reactions your clients have to every interaction with your brand.

While many of our firms have mission and vision statements that include serving our clients, are we really building an experience that is in line with our brand? Think of the big brands we know and love like Southwest Airlines, Marriott, or Chick-Fil-A – are we providing our clients with the same experience we’d expect?

Several sessions during the three days discussed this premise and how we as marketers can affect this for our brands. In addition to forging an emotion connection between your brand and your clients, a solid client experience strategy can also help solve challenges within the organization as well. Having a clear-cut strategy of what you stand for and what you do not, helps you guide your decisions in other areas of your business.

This seems a no brainer when we think about the relationship driven market we operate in, however statistics show that less than 5% of firms in our industry have a client experience strategy in place.

While several ideas were thrown around and even a deck of cards provided with questions to talk your decision makers through the constant improvement of your strategy given away in one session, there is no cookie-cutter answer that you can apply to your firm. It is also no secret that to provide a better experience for our clients, we must provide a better experience for our employees. So, it would seem prudent that we start looking internally for how we can improve the experience of our employees to ultimately improve our experience for our clients.

SMPS has taken note of this trend and on the last day of Build Business 2018 launched a new brand focused on servicing its clients and providing a consistent and engaging experience for all of its members. Their goal is to ensure that the experience of an SMPS member in Nebraska is the same of that in Washington, D.C.

Summarizing all the things that I learned during the week is challenging. Luckily for all of you, I’ve recruited some of our members to help me tell you about it in a fun, upbeat presentation-style happy hour happening October 10th. Don’t miss out! Maybe it will Spark something in you!

P.S. We also had the opportunity to hear from Allen Gannett, Creator and CEO of TrackMazen -- a marketing analytics platform, who just wrote a new book debunking what we believe about creativity and how can all benefit from it. Check out the Creative Curve on Amazon

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