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26 Feb, 2018

Event Recap: Dissecting RFPs - Mapping Your Way to Proposal Compliance

Irene Kwon

Event Recap  
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SMPS DC's Education Committee hosted an informative breakfast event, Dissecting RFPs: Mapping Your Way to Proposal Compliance, during which members gathered to learn proposal expert and CPSM Jen McGovern's best practices for responding to RFPs. Jen helped attendees better understand the RFP process and stressed the importance of adhering to proposal requirements.

Jen discussed the importance of understanding the proposals and the value marketers bring to their firms if they learn to correctly navigate and interpret RFPs. She said that the RFP is a “detailed receipt for a meal for a really picky eater”; the client will send it right back if it’s not made right. Members learned about different types of RFPs, including RFIs (request for information), RFQs (request for qualifications), SOQs (statement of qualifications), RFPs (request for proposal), IFB (invitation for bid), ITB (invitation to bid) and Alternative Project Delivery. She shared sample proposals and pointed out where marketers should focus their attention when reviewing an RFP. Jen also provided tips for better organization and more efficient work, including creating an outline that includes the contents of the proposal and the people responsible for contributing.

Program attendees formed teams of six for a scavenger hunt, during which they reviewed various RFPs and created outlines to respond to RFPs more efficiently. Members learned the importance of reading RFPs from cover to cover, developing a complete outline, checking overall compliance, and requesting debriefs as necessary.

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SMPS DC members learn how to properly dissect an RFP.