28 Jan, 2019

Event Recap: Educational Event on Videography and Photography

Molly Statler

Event Recap  
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On Wednesday January 16th, a panel of AEC industry experts discussed how to promote your firm’s brand through high-quality photography and videography and identified best practices for successfully executing these efforts. Photographers Sam Kittner and Robert Benson, filmmaker Jason Cheung, and marketing expert Aubrey Armstrong examined how to leverage your firm’s work through project photography and videography and the importance of story telling through these visual mediums.

Sam Kittner of Sam Kittner Photography presented case studies that exemplify how photography was effectively used for marketing campaigns, including for the Newseum and the NOMA BID. As Sam discussed, when utilized successfully photography can be an instrumental tool to delivering a company’s message. For example, the NOMA BID marketing campaign effectively conveys the vibrancy and liveliness of the neighborhood through the strategic use of a variety of photography.

Robert Benson of Robert Benson Photography discussed the importance of identifying the design philosophy when photographing a project. Determining the story that the project is telling, utilizing people to create depth, and engaging individuals in the space to provide the user experience are just a few of the keys to effective project photography. Robert spoke of several projects, including his work with the architects on the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University in Washington, DC, as a case study on how to capture a challenging building’s form and function.

Jason Cheung from Lost Note Productions illustrated the power of human engagement in effective filmmaking. Humans identify with each other’s emotions, and it is therefore essential to capture this in videography. Projects all tell a different story and letting the individuals involved with the project tell that story is imperative to creating an impactful video. Jason showcased how these goals can be achieved through his work with Davis Construction and Grimm + Parker Architects.

Aubrey Armstrong of HITT Contracting discussed marketing best practices when preparing for a photoshoot. Among her many suggestions, she educated the audience to familiarize yourself with the project, space and shot list before the photoshoot. Include the client, team and partners to determine the story, participate in the shoot and to potentially split the photography costs. Attendees also learned the importance of looking for NDAs in contracts and reading and understanding the photography usage rights.

The program successfully identified how to visually capture and promote your firm’s work through effective use of photography and videography.