02 Aug, 2018

Event Recap: Let's Get Digital

Jehan Samhat

Event Recap  
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On July 10, 2018, SMPS DC’s Education Committee welcomed Josh Miles, Vice President of Marketing at SMPS, to share his insight and best practices for creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A leader in A/E/C marketing, digital marketing, and content development and production, Josh explained the fundamentals of digital marketing and how to create meaningful content for a successful online and engagement-based marketing approach.

Let’s Get Digital – Integrating Digital Content into Your Marketing Strategy,” provided attendees a thorough introduction to digital marketing. From content creation, audio and video marketing, platforms based on target audiences, and online/electronic marketing channels, Josh touched on each aspect and shared work samples from his portfolio. He discussed how to craft and execute a digital marketing campaign hitting all the touchpoints to maximize ROI.

Josh emphasized the notion that a successful digital campaign means creating content that your end users are interested in. The floor was opened for a collaborative discussion on what that means to us, and as a group, we talked through how to create meaningful and interesting content in an age where we are constantly inundated with emails and messages.

In addition to Josh’s presentation, the workshop also featured three SMPS DC members who shared their experiences integrating a digital presence in their overall marketing plan. From exploring a paid LinkedIn campaign, the creation of microsites and targeted landing pages, to working with a news outlet concurrently running print and online ads, we discussed the process, methodologies, and outcomes (expected versus actual!), with lessons learned along the way.

Although digital marketing can be an overwhelming topic, understanding the basic principles, identifying best practices, and taking advantage of all that online and interactive channels have to offer will be a strong addition to your marketing plan.