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20 Apr, 2018

Event Recap: 2018 SMPS Northeast Regional Conference

Kim Metzinger

Event Recap  
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Old Man Winter tried his hardest to hinder the SMPS Northeast Regional Conference (NERC) in Baltimore, but he was no match for motivated, energetic marketers. Despite yet another East Coast snowstorm, the conference was a huge success. Hundreds made their way to the Mid-Atlantic for three days of networking and learning focused on improving our profession, our firms, and ourselves. No recap can fully capture the insight and excitement that filled the halls near the Inner Harbor, but here are a few highlights:

Writing with Grace

As Jen Hebblethwaite, Champion of All Things Grace at Graceworks Inc., explained, writing with grace means putting your reader’s needs first. Too often we sit at our computers and begin selling, proving, or differentiating our stories without understanding who our readers are and what will help them. To write gracefully, look at things from the reader’s point of view and emphasize what they want to know. Avoid negative terms and emphasize benefits. Communicate in a tone that is businesslike but not stiff, friendly but not phony, and confident but not arrogant.

Win Together, Work Together: Marketing and HR Alignment

Talent is often thought of as an issue for human resources, but recruitment and retention are also marketing’s responsibilities. Tim Asimos, Vice President & Director of Digital Innovation for circle S studio, detailed three ways marketing can help win the talent war. First, create a world-class employer brand, which includes aligning your internal and external brands and assessing what information is communicated to recruits. Second, build a talent marketing machine. Create candidate personas that define your audience and their backgrounds, motivations, and interests. Lastly, drive employee engagement. Give employees a voice through a company intranet, conduct marketing and brand training, and treat internal communication like you would external communication.

Beat Burnout: Invest in Sustainable Success

Happy and healthy people work harder and are more productive than those who encounter burnout. Makes sense, right? But in our burnout culture, busyness is seen as a status symbol. To combat the mindset that success requires suffering, Emilie Aries, Founder and CEO of BossedUp, taught us how to invest in ourselves and achieve sustainable success. Budget time for regular renewal (e.g., exercising, reading for fun, cooking), and schedule it as deliberately as you would a work meeting. Choose how you will handle requests for your time, which might mean delegating, asking for help, or simply saying “no.” Be open to failure on the road to success, and forgive yourself when you make less-than-perfect decisions.

Thank you to the SMPS NERC conference chairs, planners, and volunteers – you created a wonderful conference despite some snowy curveballs! See you in Providence, Rhode Island at the 2019 NERC!