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22 Dec, 2013

Four Ways to Build your Brand in the B2B World

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The traditional difference between B2B and B2C marketing are being swept away by each wave of the digital revolution. The scope of resources has added pressure to B2B marketers to become more inventive, competitive and customer focused. Here are four ways to create a more powerful B2B brand:

1. Build Strong Loyal Customers

The internet enables us to customize our marketing efforts to appeal to a specific segment in the market with a precise need. Yet, marketing to the typical B2B customer is more complicated due to complex decision making and greater pressure internally on the buyer to validate their purchase.

To build strong customer loyalty, one must take the concerted effort to learn everything about the customer. Knowledge of who the individuals that are involved in the decision making process, as well as a deep understanding of their purchase decision are often the main drivers to your customer’s success. More importantly, this understanding builds a lasting connection of trust and comfort with the decision makers.

2. Persuasive Value Proposition

The key to value proposition, is to focus more on the reasons why your customer would choose your services, or what they really care when making the final decision. Take the time to diligently research your customer base this will aid you to identify unknown insights about your customer and help to enhance the perceived benefit and solutions your firm offers.

Here are some questions that can help you to brainstorm: What value do customers seek? Expect? Hope for? Are we meeting their expectations? What is our area of excellence? Do customers recognize this?

3. Deliver Value to Customers not “Commoditization”

A constant battle for B2B vendors is to fight to the competition with lower fees. How do we fight Commoditization with Value Pricing? Instead of placing all your efforts into service details, and capabilities become more customer focused, learn what more can be done to satisfy their needs. If one becomes adept at offering perceived value to the customer, then one can become more creative and prudent, and relevant value pricing will become easier.

4. Add Emotion into B2B Marketing

As previously discussed, it is important to improve the ability to enhance the perceived value of our service offerings. But how do we incorporate relevant emotion into our brand positioning? There are so many variables that determine the trust for a brand, such as reliability, integrity, etc. Trust plays a major role on who can influence the decision-makers online. Creating value is not just about the quality of the service but also about the quality of a company’s conduct. Some steps one can take to enhance the B2B scheme with an emotional link, is to be more diligent with your research on customers and their main purchase drivers, including their emotional motivations. Storytelling—this is a powerful tool that can build confidence by telling a personal story that reflects key values and emotional benefits. Does your firm have this emotional connection?

Written by: Daniela Maldonado, Marketing and Business Development / Integral Group