Guru Guidance No 7

13 Oct, 2014

Guru Guidance Mentoring Begins its Seventh Year

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Now that fall has arrived, we are excited to begin another year of Guru Guidance, the SMPS DC Chapter’s mentoring program! Interested? We are currently looking for new participants – mentees and gurus alike!

This program pairs marketers of all experience levels, in an attempt to facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, as well as a sharing of industry tips and tricks. Each participant is paired with one other professional for the duration of the program, from October to June.

Pairs meet once per month on their own time. Some find it helpful to follow structured conversation topics, often establishing goals for the mentee to achieve in between meetings, while others prefer to treat the relationship more informally, simply getting to know each other better and discussing issues that come up at work. Additionally, there are occasional group gatherings throughout the year, allowing participants to meet each other and benefit from their shared experiences.

To learn more, visit the Guru Guidance section of the SMPS DC website and register for the brief, informational webinar, Wednesday, October 15th at noon. On November 18th from 5:00-7:00 PM, we will have a roundtable and networking event to introduce the participants and establish pairs. Come prepared with questions, keeping in mind factors such as career path, geographic location, and potential conflicts of interest between companies that could affect your experience. You can download the Guru Guidance Informational webinar details here.

Don't forget to complete the application to become part of the Guru Guidance program, it is free and open to SMPS DC members. If you have questions, please contact Judith Schneider at or Jason Moskowitz at