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10 Jul, 2012

Guru Guidance Spring Roundtable Discussion

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Based on the successful model developed in January, we held our second Guru Guidance Roundtable Discussion at the end of May. As before, the attendees broke into smaller groups, with each given a hypothetical mentoring scenario to tackle. After 25 minutes of discussion, each small group presented their insights, followed by further comments, suggestions, and constructive critiques from all of the participants. We will be posting these scenarios and notes as the second edition of the “Guru Guidance Tips” weekly blog series. It is our hope the great discussion will continue online, in the comments section and via Twitter.

Thanks to ZGF Architects for hosting the event and sponsoring beverages and to PSI for sponsoring snacks.

For more information about the Guru Guidance program, please contact Jason Moskowitz at (301) 590-2900 / or Christa Montgomery at (202) 965-7070 /