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05 Oct, 2017

Guru Guidance: The Next Generation

Jen McGovern

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We heard your feedback and revamped our signature Guru Guidance program! This year, it’ll feel less like speed dating and more like being paired by a skilled matchmaker. We’ll pair up mentors and mentees prior to our first event, which will be a ‘getting to know you’/ teambuilding exercise, making it easier to make that first connection as a pair. We’re also asking participants to commit to a more formal schedule—spending at least one hour each month with your mentor/mentee.

Wait, I'm new - what is Guru Guidance?

Guru Guidance is a free, yearlong mentorship program that pairs SMPS DC Chapter members with varying levels of experience, facilitating relationship building and mutually beneficial professional growth.

How did it work before?

In previous years, we’ve used a speed networking event to introduce potential mentor/mentee pairs. Mentor/mentee pairs were on their own to meet throughout the year, with a chapter-hosted spring event closing out the year. While this resulted in everyone getting a mentor or peer mentor, some pairings were less active and thus less beneficial than our goals for the program.

Who's eligible?

Everyone! We’re looking for people who want to learn (mentees) and people who want to share their knowledge (mentors). The more mentors we have, the more mentees we’ll be able to accommodate, so Gurus, please submit your application today

What's different this year?

This year, our chapter has adopted a more formal application-based program. Potential mentors and mentees will fill out an application, and we’ll use that information to match pairs. Our first event will focus on setting expectations for involvement in the program and getting to know your mentor/mentee. As a group, we’ll determine what topics we want to discuss at events throughout the year. Mentors and mentees will also commit to a schedule for meeting one-on-one regularly

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Fill out your application by 5 p.m. on Monday, October 23, 2017. The Career Advancement Committee will match mentors and mentees later that week, with all matches in place prior to our first Guru Guidance event in November.

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SMPS DC chapter members at a Guru Guidance program.

We’re excited to take the Guru Guidance program to the next level—we want to make sure that our mentors and mentees are equally committed and engaged to maximize the success of the program, and believe an application-based approach is a great start! We’ll do our best to put together mentor/mentee pairs who share similar interests and goals for what they’d like to get out of participating in this program—so make sure to take your application seriously, as it will shape your Guru Guidance experience.

If you’re reading this after the October 23, 2017, cut-off date, don’t despair! All applicants will be invited to the Guru Guidance Slack channel (an open network for all mentors and mentees to bounce ideas and questions off of one another) as well as the Spring Roundtable event.

If you have questions, please reach out to our Guru Guidance Subcommittee leaders, Koren Stauffer, CPSM, at and Abby Harrington at