Guru Guidance Series4 Vol2

02 Jan, 2015

Guru Guidance Tips: How to Balance Primary Proposal Responsibilities and Social Media Engagement

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The Scenario

A marketing coordinator at a relatively small firm, the mentee has been tasked with managing his company’s social media presence. He has created profiles for the firm on various sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. How can he keep this content fresh and relevant, while balancing his primary proposal writing responsibilities? Is there a “sweet spot” for social media engagement to maintain an active presence online without being overly ambitious and taking on too much?

The Advice

Determine the Appropriate Level of Engagement

  • What are you trying to achieve with each platform? Who is your audience? (e.g. – Facebook for bonding with co-workers? LinkedIn for attracting prospective employees?) If you do not have a clearly defined goal for these platforms (and the time to update them frequently), it may not be worth it to create them.
  • There should be unique content on each of your social media platforms. If it is populated only with automatically duplicated and cross-posted items, this will feel stale.

Balancing Need for Fresh Content with Other Responsibilities

  • Talk to staff to help generate content. Are there others in the firm who would be interested in helping to maintain the platforms? Can technical staff provide inspiration for current trends and topics of interest in your industry?
  • Have a framework for ideas for posts in mind: o Congratulating other firms when they win awards, especially if you ever team o Discussing conferences and generating dialogue with fellow attendees o Sharing industry news o Announcing staff promotions, registrations, and other achievements o Re-tweet / re-post interesting info from elsewhere
  • There are software solutions such as Hoot Suite and Tweet Deck to help manage and pre-schedule your posts. But be very mindful of current events (i.e. don’t share outdated information and remember to shut off your automatic posts during times of tragedy in the news).
  • Sorting the people and firms you are following into lists can help you find relevant info (e.g. clients, competitors, friends/family, etc.)

General Ideas and Best Practices

  • Don’t just talk about your company and its accomplishments. Be a resource to others (e.g. sharing useful information, interesting articles, etc.).
  • If your firm has multiple offices, rotate posts between them to share different perspectives throughout the week (not just the headquarters)
  • If you are not the prime on a project, make sure to get permission before sharing details on social media
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