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13 Mar, 2014

Guru Guidance Tips: How to Improve Data Management Strategies

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The Scenario

The mentee’s firm is growing and has recently hired additional marketing staff. With more people involved, it has become increasingly difficult to collect, organize, and maintain project information and collateral in the firm’s marketing database in a consistent manner. Wanting to implement improved data management strategies, the mentee turns to her guru for advice.

Are there any tips and best practices for efficient tracking and organization of information?

  • Collect information, even without a reliable CRM system to ensure that the important data is being collected and stored somewhere for use.
  • Remember: garbage in, garbage out.
  • Some firms assign certain individuals to be “Vision Police.” They keep a lookout for problems, go back and verify data later when the need arises, etc.
  • When new staff come in, be open to new ideas and have them review the current procedures to ensure best practices.
  • Take the time to set standards. Go back to the very beginning and establish how things should be done.

What are the professional software options, as well as in-house options?

  • Ideal situation would be a formal CRM, which is powerful and allows one to make connections. The drawback to a formal system is that it is costly and requires people’s time to monitor information and make sure data is good quality. Some firms employ CRM “police” to monitor data quality.
  • Keep in mind that getting the system running requires more time than simply installing the software and customizing the database to your firm’s needs. Data must be populated until it is reliable and technical staff must buy-in to be contributing worthwhile data.
  • If a formal CRM system is not a possibility, meet regularly with marketing staff to review.

How can buy-in from the technical staff be encouraged in order to improve the effectiveness of whichever system is in use?

  • Certain people must “own” information, so select who can most reliably ensure certain types of data.
  • Use training to help foster buy-in.
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