Guru Guidance Series4 Vol1 1

11 Dec, 2014

Guru Guidance Tips: How to Incorporate Best Practices and Latest A/E/C Industry Trends

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<p><em>The mentee’s firm has begun a process of revamping its marketing / business development efforts, both internal (tracking leads, go/no go decisions, contact management database, etc.) and external (branding, website, publicity, etc.).</em></p><em>
</em><p><em>What resources might help the mentee to understand best practices and incorporate the latest trends from elsewhere in the A/E/C industry? To help justify this overhaul, how can the mentee prove value and positive return on investment to her firm?</em><br> <br><strong>The Advice</strong></p>
<p><strong>Helpful Resources to Consider</strong></p>
<ul><li>SMPS colleagues – may be able to offer different perspectives from various types and sizes of firms (competitors, consultants, etc.)</li>
<li>Vendors can be a good resource. They work with lots of people across the industry and may have a good feel for current trends.</li>
<li>For external efforts, ask for input from your clients. What are they looking for when they visit a firm’s website? What stands out to them in a good brochure?</li>
<li>Discuss with various stakeholders within your firm. They may have seen things that work well when dealing with other companies (or from experience while working for a prior firm). They may also be able to lend institutional knowledge – what has been tried before? If it wasn’t successful in the past, what can be done differently this time?</li>
<li>Focus on engaging people who are enthusiastic about a given initiative to help implement it. This can help generate ideas, fresh content, and buy-in.</li>
<li>Look outside the industry for creative ideas and inspiration. (e.g. non-A/E/C websites or marketing campaigns) </li>
<p><strong>How to Prove Value</strong></p>
<ul><li>First, it is important to clearly understand and articulate what is driving these changes. Identifying the goals of the changes will help to keep everyone on track toward achieving them.</li>
<li>Benchmark and gauge progress by picking a metric and measuring results both before and after changes are implemented. (e.g. – proposal win rate, visitors to website, new contacts made)</li>
<li>Regularly review progress with stakeholders in your firm. Have an open dialogue about what is and is not working and why.</li>
<li>Share success stories and good news.</li>

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