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21 Mar, 2012

Guru Guidance Tips: Transitioning to a Marketing Management Role

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The Scenario

For several years, the mentee has been the sole marketing professional at their firm. The mentee's heavy workload now justifies hiring a new marketing coordinator to assist them. What are some of the challenges associated with taking on the role of supervising someone? How can the mentee effectively delegate responsibilities and teach the new coordinator without sacrificing too much efficiency? What other suggestions might the mentor share with the mentee as they transition between their current role and one of a manager?

Challenges associated with supervising

  • Must learn to let go of old role and responsibilities and give the new coordinator space to do their job in their own way
  • Political implications of a promotion, particularly if you will be supervising former peers
  • Important to ask for help and be open to new ideas
  • Can be difficult to feel secure enough to share your insight with a new coordinator without feeling that you are diminishing your value to the firm

Effective delegation

  • Communicate broad goals and define expectations from the beginning – do not just dole out individual tasks
  • Reference guides for networks, software, etc.
  • Check-in periodically to make sure responsibilities are covered, but do not hover. Give the new coordinator the opportunity to ask you questions and let them work through problems – and fail.
    • It is important to learn as a team and build on these experiences
    • Stress that it is ok to make mistakes as long as they tell you about it and work to prevent the same problems in the future
    • As the manager, you must be there to support and help them when they fail

Teach without sacrificing efficiency

  • Let the new coordinator shadow you and counter-shadow in return to learn what they are doing
  • Focus on recurring tasks
  • Once they have the tools and goals, let them work

Additional suggestions for transitioning roles

  • Seek out a mentor within your firm or SMPS to help you be a better manager – can be in another part of the business or industry
    • Bounce management ideas off of this person
    • Mentor can listen and offer suggestions
  • Professional development/training can help with communication and leadership skills
  • Learn to effectively manage varying personalities – not just deliverables
  • Learn about other aspects of the business – financial, operational, etc.
  • Develop good interviewing and hiring instincts
    • Recognize and assess aptitude and personality, not just experience
  • Not everyone is cut out to be a manager. If it does not work for you, it is ok to find another path to advance your career
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