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06 Jan, 2017

Happy January Anniversaries

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New for 2017, we will be taking time each month to acknowledge and cheers our members who are celebrating anniversaries with SMPS. Specifically, we will be shouting out those reaching the one, five, ten and 20-year marks. See a name you recognize or just want to say congrats? Log on to MySMPS to reach out and let these folks know you are proud to call them a friend, colleague or even just a fellow member!

Also be on the look out for two member spotlights each month featuring members celebrating their anniversaries - one their first year, the other their fifth (or tenth, or twentieth)!

Twenty Year Anniversaries

Mary Moore - Syska Hennessy Group Inc. - January 8th

Ten Year Anniversaries

Franklin Kaye - ADTEK - January 10th

Brooke Eaton - Bohler Engineering - January 22nd

Kimberly Helton - Jensen Hughes - January 30th

Kelly Offerman - HDR, Inc. - January 30th

Five Year Anniversaries

Julia Smiley - Woods Peacock Engineering Consultants - January 13th

Erica Brown - WCS Construction - January 18th

One Year Anniversaries

Gabrielle Banks - FHI360 - January 8th

Laura Silverman - Affiliated Engineers - January 11th

M Florencia Bialet - Illustrate My Design, LLC - January 14th

Theresa Bronaksoki - Development Facilitators, Inc. - January 14th

Sally Clark - Bold Concepts, Inc. - January 15th

Alexandra Miller - STUDIO39 - January 15th

Homayra Mahjoob - KCCT - January 18th

Kaitlin Peterson - Ayers Saint Gross - January 20th

Aubry Pridham - Leland Saylor Associates - January 20th

Dayna Powderly - HITT Contracting Inc. - January 20th