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07 Jul, 2017

Happy July Anniversaries

Melissa Hollinshead


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Happy anniversary to SMPS DC members celebrating their one, five, ten and 20 year anniversaries! See a name you recognize or just want to say congrats? Log on to MySMPS to reach out and let these folks know you are proud to call them a friend, colleague or even just a fellow member!

5 Year Anniversaries

Liz McElwee – Marketing Director – Hardesty & Hanover, LLC – July 24th

1 Year Anniversaries

Greta Arnold – Marketing Assistant – RK&K – July 6th

Chetna Sinha – Marketing Manager, Mid-Atlantic – Turner Construction Company – July 7th

Chelsea Kopf – Business Development Coordinator – Southland Industries – July 13th

Sean Stadler – Principal – WDG Architecture – July 27th