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31 May, 2018

Happy June Anniversaries

Kyle Veater

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Happy anniversary to SMPS DC members celebrating their one, five, 10 and 20+ year anniversaries! See a name you recognize or just want to say congrats? Log on to MySMPS to reach out and let these folks know you are proud to call them a friend, colleague or even just a fellow member!

10+ Year Anniversaries

Nancy McCartan, CPSM - Marketing Manager - TMG Construction Corporation - June 17th (14 years)

Susan Kleinman - Director of Marketing - MBP - June 20th (14 years)

Benjamin Casey, PE, CPP, PSP - Director - JENSEN HUGHES - June 12th (12 years)

Suren Gosine - Senior Marketing Coordinator - Global Engineering Solutions - June 12th (12 years)

Gregory Jose - Marketing Manager - BMT Designers & Planners - June 20th (11 years)

One Year Anniversaries

Jessica Godesteanu - Marekting Coordinator - Hughes Group Architects - June 1st

Stephanie Schmidt - Marketing Content Coordinator - IBTS - June 6th

Jessica Bland - Marketing & Communications Manager - Forrester Construction - June 13th