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29 Oct, 2014

How to Use Your Marketing Skills to Help Close the Skilled Labor Gap in the A/E/C Industry

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Marketers, Dig Deeper. Are you doing your part to attract young people to this industry to help close the gap in both skilled trades and positions for young professionals?

???????????????????????????????Besides marketing your company’s product or services, did you ever ask yourself how you are helping the A/E/C industry as a whole? You have a responsibility to not only get your company’s message out to the world for all to see and hear, but to remind people of the limitless opportunities this industry brings. We have two issues to deal with in today’s A/E/C world; closing the skilled labor gap, and attracting women and young people to this industry. How can you help?

Offer to Share Your Knowledge: Contact a local school and offer to be a guest speaker. Colleges are always seeking real-world resources. It’s a great recruiting tool, helps bring awareness to our industry and to your company, provides you with an opportunity to practice your presentation skills, and is extremely rewarding. If college isn't your thing, consider presenting to high school students. The local public school systems are always looking for speakers to talk about various careers in construction. If you feel as though you don't have time to visit a school, have the students come to you! Consider doing a lunch and learn, or a tour of a project or facility. Make sure you participate in, “Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” on April 23, 2015. There are also several organization in the metro Washington area that are seeking mentors to help guide students in the right direction.

Social Media: Besides posting about your projects, and services to attract clients consider educating young people and women about the various opportunities available to them. Think about topics you learned on the job, that you did not learn in school. Create educational videos, presentations or post articles from publications you know students do not have access too.

Education doesn’t stop in the school system. Create a school-business partnership that will help benefit your current employees, your future workforce, and overall our A/E/C community.

Stacey Ehring Shapiro and Duncan, Inc.