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17 Jul, 2013

Intern Spotlight: Christie Boyden, GeoConcepts Engineering

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What college/university are you currently enrolled in?

I am a rising Junior at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

What are you studying?

Media Studies and American Studies Double Major with a French Minor.

When do you plan on completing your degree?

May 2015

What attracted you to GeoConcepts' internship in particular?

Coming from someone who is inspired by sustainable artists (i.e. Ai Weiwei, Theo Jansen, and Miguel Barceló) and adopting eco-friendly practices, I was attracted to GeoConcepts’ going green efforts. For example, GeoConcepts is working toward Loudoun County’s Green Business Challenge. As well, they’ve adopted a highway in Loudoun County and they are very conscious of their carbon footprint.

What specific projects or assignments were you given during the internship?

As a Marketing Intern, I’ve had the opportunity to branch out to several different areas in the firm. On the marketing side, I’ve contributed to our website redesign, helped develop GeoConcepts’ Social Media brand on Twitter and LinkedIn, and established press contacts. On the technical side, I’ve been able to attend meetings and contribute to research where I’ve learned about karst, geotechnical engineering, and hydrology.

What marketing skills do you feel you developed during the course of the internship?

So far, I’ve learned how to promote a business on social media, which studies show, is crucial to any aggressive marketing strategy. As well, I’ve learned how to network more effectively and present my ideas at meetings more succinctly, which are essential skills in our fast-paced, digital world.

What do you consider to be your most significant lessons learned during this internship?

This may sound ridiculous, but the most significant lesson I’ve learned is how to navigate an office environment. While I’ve worked in an office before, having interned at my community newspaper, this is my first full-time office internship. It’s important to understand the dynamics and norms of an office such as power relations, who to report to, and even what to wear. So although I’ve attained some other more practical skills using different software and developing more efficient techniques, I think understanding office culture is my most significant lesson.

How did you learn about the SMPS?

My boss, Amanda Sanderson, is on the board for SMPS, so she recommended I join once I became her intern this summer.

Would you recommend SMPS to other students looking to broaden their marketing experience?

I think networking is one of the most important skills to have, so I’d recommend SMPS to any student interested in expanding their network of marketing professionals. SMPS is a great way to meet people within the same industry and compare notes, make contacts, and re-assess your own business strategies. It’s easy to fall into a routine at work, which is why I think it’s essential to constantly attend events that remind us to keep an open mind.

Interview by: Shaylee Carmona SHW Group