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13 Mar, 2018

It's Time to Take Your Leadership to the Next level, #LikeABoss

Kate Attilio

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It's time to start leading your life #LikeABoss! Kick-start your journey as an emerging leader alongside a cohort of your peers, and explore the tools, techniques and ideas critical to continued growth as a leader within your firm and your career.

This year’s SMPS DC Leadership Development Series (LDS), which we’ve affectionately titled “#LikeABoss,” is set to kickoff on April 10! The plan for that first session is to get to know one another, set expectations, and lay some ground rules to foster trust, accountability and value. The very next week we’ll jump into a four-part series including the following topics:

  1. Leadership Styles: Led by Joanna Hoffschneider, this session will use the Predictive Index to identify the each participant’s leadership style, and more importantly the “why.” With this self-awareness as your starting point, the latter sessions fall right into place.
  2. Communication Styles: As you progress in your career, your communication skills need to do the same. With insight from Heather Davis, this session will explore different communication styles, identify specific behaviors to enhance communication, and even a little roleplaying.
  3. Relationship Building: Networking is key in this industry, but have you ever thought about the importance of relationship building within your organization? With fearless leader Laura Ewan, this session will explore the types of workplace relationships that are crucial to your growth – how to identify them, seek them out, and make them thrive.
  4. Action Planning: Now it becomes time to get sh*t done. And session leader Amy Cuddy is a pro when it comes to that. In addition to each participant presenting their own value perspective PechaKucha (don’t worry, I had to look up the meaning too), this session will also include the development of a 3/6/9 month action plan for each participant.
The LDS series helped me make the change my career needed. Through the PI assessment, I was able to reinforce some of my known values but also reveal some unknown. It opened my eyes to some things I did not know about myself and leadership abilities. Mary Noonan, CPSM, RES

Here are a few helpful tips if needed to convince your boss:

  • It’s an investment in your education. Transitioning from managing projects to managing people and developing strategy is a critical turning point in your career. The development of successful leadership skills is more important now than ever.
  • The insight doesn’t stop with you. While the focus will be on your personal leadership development throughout the program, you’ll be gaining valuable insight that you can bring back to your team and your firm. It’s a win-win scenario.
  • You’re building a network. The bonds formed among this cohort run DEEP!
  • It’s a deal! Similar programming from comparable organizations ranges from $500-800. That’s a 75% savings, no coupon required.
The cross-section of professional speakers offered insights and tools for how to keep your eye on the bigger pictures: professional growth & satisfaction, inter-organizational & inter-personal communication, and mindfulness just to name a few. I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone looking to take an active role in their growth as a(n AEC) professional. Kyle Veater, David M. Schwarz Architects

Ready to sign up now? Head over here!

Enough to pique your interest, but you’re not quite ready to commit? Give me a call and let’s discuss it further. We want to make sure it’s a good fit and that all participants are ready to commit to the program before registering. I can be reached via email: or at 301.255.2119.