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16 Nov, 2010

Member Spotlight: Carolyn Evans

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Carolyn Evans, the 2010 SMPS Tuba Award Recipient, has over 22 years experience with professional services marketing for contractors, construction managers, architects, engineers and accountants. Currently Carolyn is serving as the Director of Marketing for Global Engineering Solutions, a woman-owned 8(a) firm specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering, construction management and program management. Carolyn served as President of SMPS’ Washington DC Chapter in 1996-1997.

How were you first introduced to SMPS and what motivated you to join?
When I first got into this industry, I had a job with a contractor. The VP of the office was a big proponent of industry involvement as a means to developing business. He particularly respected several marketers who were very involved with SMPS. My next job was with an A/E firm. Just as I started there, some of the SMPS board members asked me if I’d like to participate on the Talking Shop committee. I jumped at the chance. I spent three years on that committee and then became vice president and president.

How has SMPS helped you in your career?
For me, SMPS has always been an idea generator. No matter what program I attend, I usually walk away with one or two new ideas for improving a process, improving proposals, for a new marketing campaign, etc. Most of my career I’ve worked for larger firms that have had extensive internal training programs, but SMPS has provided a different perspective on marketing issues and trends that I have been able to bring back to the firms I’ve worked with.

Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you.
That I’m absolutely petrified of fire! Getting out of the house in the morning can be a challenge because I usually go back a couple of times to make sure I turned everything off.

What would you consider your greatest achievement?
Winning work! No matter what else we do as marketers, the bottom line is that we need to win work for our firms. Our efforts help keep people employed so that they can support their families. That’s an amazing achievement to me.

What one day in your life would you like to live over?
Oh my…I could name a hundred days that I would like to live over. I guess like everyone, I’ve done things that I’ve regretted, or there have been hard times that I’ve had no control over that I wish had been different, but the days that I’d like to live over are the days that I didn’t trust myself and allowed someone else to determine what was right for me.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
That our best assets are often our worst liabilities. Meaning, that being good at something can get you in just as much trouble as not being good at something, if you don’t take time to think about what you are doing and how you are applying yourself.

Who would you consider as influential people in your career?
My first real job out of college was with an advertising agency. I was hired as a relief receptionist and floating secretary. Unfortunately, no one ever gave me a job description. Advertising is as deadline-focused as proposals are. Materials had to be at the publications by a certain date and time, or they wouldn’t get into the next issue. One day the owner of the agency, Arnold Rosoff, saw me leaving the office with artwork that needed approval. He asked me where I was going. I told him that we needed client approval for the artwork or we’d miss the deadline, and the account executive wasn’t available so I’d set up an appointment with the client to review it and get a signature. He thanked me for my initiative and let me go. After that Mr. Rosoff started having me work with him on the pro bono accounts in the office. This helped me get out of my reception/secretary role. It also taught me the value of hard work.

Where is your favorite place in the world?
My house. I know that seems trite, but usually after a hard day at work, the only place I really want to be is my own home.

What are the top songs on your ipod right now?
Too funny! Unless technology is going to dramatically improve my life, I’m probably not going to embrace it, so I never became an ipod user. Now, the iphone is a different story!!! I love my iphone, I use every app on it, then some. But to answer your question, I listen to almost everything, except hard rock. The Foo Fighters have never caught on with me.

Interviewed by: Ashley Peck McDonough Bolyard Peck