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09 Oct, 2012

Member Spotlight: J. Dayle Wine, Perkins Eastman

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wine-janet-175x300.jpgHow long have you been working in the A/E/C Industry and how long have you been involved with SMPS? I have been involved in the AEC industry for more than 20 years. I have been fortunate because I have worked in the architecture, engineering and construction industry so I have a grasp of how those companies interrelate to each other and I know that all three disciplines are part of making a successful project work.

Has being an SMPS member impacted your career? If so, then how? I have been able to network with my peers and meet people who I personally feel are some of the most dynamic people I have ever met. Having met someone at an SMPS meeting would give me the incentive to pick up the phone and ask for their help or perhaps an understanding and perception of how to make the best use of the resources that marketing departments have. I have been able to learn and grow because of people I have met along the way and programs I have attended. I am currently working on obtaining my CPSM designation.

As a transplant to the Washington DC area, what do you enjoy most about living here? I enjoy the change of the seasons, all the museums throughout the city, especially the Phillips Collection because it houses the Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir, the diversity of the people who live here, and being able to go from the District to Maryland and Virginia easily, traffic permitting. You can go to the beach in the summer, skiing in the winter…all within a few hours’ drive.

Mentor(s) you most admired and why? Jerrilee Kress, formerly of KressCox Architects, because she trusted me enough to hire and promote me in a marketing position within the firm. She was a great inspiration to me and always made time to answer all my questions and help me with my career and understood that there is always a balance between work and family and that is always an accomplishment.

Hardest Lesson Learned: When I first started in the business, if the firm I was with did not shortlist or win a project, I took it very personally. As I continued in my career I found that these “failures” were learning experiences and to take advantage of everything that can help to push and challenge you to create a better product to send to potential clients. I learned that I needed to change my attitude, not internalize and look for opportunities that truly fit the firm’s profile.

What would you do if not in your current position? I would not trade my position, but if I could take a year off I would go to Buenos Aires, Argentina and enjoy the people, European style architecture and rich cultural life and definitely brush up on my Spanish.

Your favorite place outside the office: Across the street from my office is the Sports Club/LA. The facility is great and I always feel better when I go and know that I have done something good for my Mind, Body and Spirit.

Contributed by: Casey Shannon, STUDIO39 Landscape Architecture