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27 Jan, 2011

Member Spotlight: Kimberly Lagos

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Kimberly Lagos is with VIKA Inc., a land development civil engineering consulting firm provides land surveying, civil engineering, planning and landscape architecture services and recently celebrated 30 years in the DC Metro area. Kimberly joined SMPS this year and has become an active volunteer for our chapter. She is a member of the PR/Communication and Lunch Program committees. We were delighted to hear how SMPS has already made a difference in her career.

KimberlyLagos_Headshot_sm.jpgHow did you first learn of SMPS?
I received an e-mail invitation to an upcoming SMPS event. I get solicitations and invitations daily which I normally disregard but the title “Society for Marketing Professionals” caught my eye. One day while eating lunch I decided to take a look on the website and could not believe what I was reading. This was an organization geared toward marketing directly in our industry!

What motivated you to join?
What sealed the deal for me was when I looked at the list of attendees registered for the upcoming Regional Conference. In addition to firms we have teamed with in the past there were firms that I have wanted to get in front of for a very long time but just couldn’t get in the door. This was the answer! A forum in which I could meet other marketing professionals in our industry, have the opportunity to build relationships without trying to sell anything. I joined SMPS and signed up for the Regional Conference that day.

As a new member this year, how did you become involved so fast?
I was interested in the CPSM Certification and called the contact listed who in-turn told me about the Mentor Program. She graciously offered to be my mentor and I was elated. By coincidence her office was located in the same building as our Virginia location. It was recommended that I join a committee and she passed my information along to SMPS Committee Leaders.

Within 24 hours I received numerous welcome aboard and committee information e-mails and noticed another member was located in my building in Germantown, Maryland. She invited me to commute with her to my first event the following week. It made such a difference attending with another member. She took the time to introduce me to everyone and made sure that I felt comfortable.

I am truly amazed at the resources SMPS has provided. Within a week’s time I was part of an organization, had a mentor and on two committees. A door opened to a whole new wonderful world in my career. I will be forever grateful that I read that initial e-mail.

How did you get started in this industry?
I was as originally hired as an Executive Assistant and my responsibilities quickly evolved to include marketing.

Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you.
That I am shy.

What is the best tip you’ve been given for marketing?
There are several. To seek procurement opportunities rather than relying solely onto what comes in your firm’s door. When responding to RFP’s be sure to give the client what they are looking for in the format they need it in. Be quick to respond and easy to deal with. Have patience, building relationships takes time.

Who would you consider as influential people in your career?
Chuck Irish, Principal, of VIKA. Under his leadership and guidance he has afforded me the opportunity, through hard work and dedication, to take my career further than I ever envisioned. Over the years he has continually pushed me to raise the bar and surpass any barriers that I believed to be in my path.

Although we have only known each other for a short time my SMPS Mentor, Lesley Rogers. Her willingness to share her knowledge and experience has been invaluable. I enjoy our relationship and feel very lucky to have found her.

My mother, she carries herself with dignity and grace in everything she does.

What has been your best takeaway that you’ve been able to implement in your firm?
By instilling the belief that not all projects necessarily come in through Principals and Associates of firms. Us marketers can bring in our share of projects through the relationships we create. Also, to get the most out of marketing efforts your firm needs to support participation and attendance with organizations such as SMPS.

If you were not in this industry, what would be your “Dream Job”?
To own a farm and have an animal sanctuary.

What would you consider your greatest achievement?
Personally – Raising a wonderful child
Professionally/Marketing – Just recently, by putting myself out there, landed a meeting with a client my firm has been pursuing, which I have attended with the firm’s marketing director and one of the owners.

Favorite quote:
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
-Norman Vincent Peale

Fast Facts
Favorite vacation spot: Caribbean
Favorite sports team: New York Yankees
Favorite type of music: Classic Rock
Favorite dessert: Yellow cake with chocolate icing and a big glass of milk!

Interviewed by: Deborah Hayward STUDIO39 Landscape Architecture