Spotlight Oliver Fox

13 Jun, 2012

Member Spotlight: Oliver Fox, LEED AP, CPSM, CPE, Davis Langdon an AECOM Company

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spotlightOliverFox21.jpgHow long have you been working in the A/E/C Industry and how long have you been involved with SMPS? I have been working in the A/E industry since 2001 after I graduated. I didn’t join SMPS until 3 years ago when I was taken to an event by my principal at the time in San Francisco. I have been really lucky being involved with two great chapters.

Has being an SMPS member impacted your career? If so, then how? SMPS has definitely impacted my career. I am not technically a marketer or directly involved in marketing so getting to know people in the industry is through projects. SMPS introduced me to companies I didn’t know existed and sparked my interest for knowledge about the people and companies in our industry. I would say half the people I know in the industry now are through SMPS.

What has been your most memorable SMPS event to date and why? I like the golf event. Firstly it’s not too serious and you get to discuss business and network but secondly you have more time to get to know the people you are playing with. Usually at network events is all business so it’s good to see a personal side to people you work with.

As a transplant to the Washington DC area, what do you enjoy most about living here? The seasons. Some people think I am crazy moving from California but I really like Fall and Spring and the winters if they are like this year! The other thing I like is the house prices in comparison to San Francisco, I can actually buy one here.

Mentor(s) you most admire and why? In the big world Bill Gates, not for his business acumen but his philanthropy (which other people followed) and what he is trying to do with his foundation. In the A/E world the principal of my old company TBD Consultants, he really took me under his wing and showed me relationships are just or more important than the final work product.

Hardest Lesson Learned: Keeping work and pleasure separate, especially in my younger years.

What would you do if not in your current position? I guess I would be working with my father. He runs an asbestos removal company and produces extractor fans for chemicals. Not surprisingly didn’t excite me at 20 years old leaving university. The other option would have been a formula 1 driver but that was more of a pipe dream.

Your favorite place outside the office: Golf course