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10 Dec, 2012

Member Spotlight: Pipper Mosley, CPSM, CCG Facilities Integration Inc.

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headshot-pipper-mosely1.jpgCongratulations on your recent selection to serve on the SMPS National BD committee! What does this appointment meant to you?

I am excited to serve SMPS on a national basis and contribute to the broadening impact that SMPS makes in the A/E/C community. The Business Development committee was especially attractive to me because the understanding and value of the role business development makes in today’s business climate is critical.

Your passion for our SMPS is apparent to many. Tell me more! What makes you stay so involved?

I’ve been a member for 17 years, and could be a SMPS poster child! LOL!

I’ve always worked in this industry – starting with a part-time job in college, working my way up though the marketing ranks and then transitioning to Business Development. SMPS has been there every step of the way. SMPS helped to show me that this could be a rewarding career and not just a job. I am also fortunate to a member of a great Chapter (DC) – surrounded by amazing peers and plenty of opportunities to get involved.

I’ve served on the Board of Directors for both DC and Maryland Chapters, chaired the Education and Special Events committees, helped to create the study group for the CPSM certification, helped to create mentorship programs, and taught education classes.

This definitely is a career and industry that I’m passionate about, and SMPS helped instill those values.

You’ve participated and taught CPSM bootcamp. For those who might be unfamiliar, what is this program all about? Also, what are some positives for participating in this program?

The CPSM Bootcamp is a group study program created to prepare members to successfully take and pass the CPSM exam. The series of classes, which covers the six domains of practice, are taught by fellow CPSMs such as myself.

The Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) Certification is an industry-recognized professional accreditation that denotes a high-level of experience, competency and expertise in marketing professional services demonstrated through a thorough examination and continuing education process.

I’ve been a Certified Professional Services Marketer for nearly a decade now, and I think it’s important to help others to achieve their career goals. The CPSM Bootcamp is one example of how the DC Chapter fosters and encourages career development among its membership.

What would say are the biggest tangible and intangible benefits of being active in SMPS?

SMPS is a vital business resource for the AEC community nationwide and the industry’s only association at the forefront of marketing and business development training and leadership. The most tangible benefit is that SMPS helps you expand your industry awareness and network, which could translate into real revenue and teaming opportunities for your company. Your next teaming partner, client or employer may be sitting across from you at a SMPS event!

If you were at the beginning of your SMPS journey, what would you have wished someone were to have said to you? If nothing, feel free to share anything else that may be important to you.

I think it may be intimidating to those just starting their career to approach industry people more established. SMPS does not have those types of boundaries, and members are always willing to help. It’s okay to ask questions or for advice. That’s why I’m so excited about our Guru Mentorship program – which pairs seasoned marketing mentor (Guru) with junior or new members (Mentee).

Do you have any advice for members involved in BD on how to stay motivated and focused in the face of adversity?

First, realize that companies, this industry, and the economy at large go through cycles. One of ultimate goals of a great BD person being in the right place at the right time to make connections.

Thank you for your time. Any additional closing thoughts?

If I had to give a final word of advice - get involved. SMPS will afford you opportunities to develop your talents, leadership skills, and expand your business network while working with amazing people.

By: Parisa J. Baharian, Marketing Coordinator Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc.