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21 Oct, 2016

New Member Breakfast Recap - welcome to our new members!

Michael Knowles

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Against the crisp morning of fall in our nation’s capital, SMPS DC recently held its annual New Member Breakfast at the historic Hotel Tabard Inn. The packed room of enthusiastic new members were eager to hear what SMPS is all about and learn more about how SMPS could help their careers. In addition to the 35 new members in attendance, Board and committee leadership joined representatives from SMPS Headquarters to share resources, opportunities, and their own personal stories about the value of their SMPS memberships.

After a warm welcome from SMPS DC President Laura Ewan, CPSM, and SMPS DC Membership Director Michael Knowles, CPSM, Mary Cruz and Franco Holmes from SMPS Headquarters reviewed the many tools available to new members at the national level. They also introduced the New Member Challenge, which shows new members how to get the most out of their membership by participating and getting actively involved. The value of engagement was then echoed by Board members and representatives from each committee who spoke about their committees' responsibilities, and the benefits of volunteering with a committee and becoming more involved in the chapter.

New members heard testimonials first-hand from those who have been in SMPS for many years, as well as an inspiring testimonial from Jessica Gillette about her first year as a member. These stories shared common themes centered around the service and help SMPS members have received from others in the community and their eagerness to continue to pay that service forward.

Incoming President Pipper Mosley had each new member introduce themselves and share what they were hoping to achieve through joining SMPS. During this portion of the event, there were several moments where new members connected with one another after realizing they recently worked together on pursuits and were able to put faces with the names of those they had been exchanging emails with.

The New Member Breakfast is the chance to witness a new member starting his or her own SMPS story – a moment that has been a life and career changer for so many of us.

Michael Knowles, CPSM
Marketing Director
The Robert B. Balter Company