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10 Jul, 2014

New Member Spotlight: Ashley Kimery

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Headshot Ashley Kimery is a Marketing & Business Development Coordinator at Walter P. Moore, a Structural and Civil Engineering firm that provides services worldwide. Some of their current projects include UMMS Prince George’s County Replacement Medical Center, UVA Hospital Emergency Department Expansion, and the New Orleans International Airport Expansion. Ashley joined SMPS in February and has since become known for her ability to get into any building in DC. She is a member of SMPS DC and looks forward to getting involved on a committee. We were delighted to hear how SMPS has already made a difference in her career.

How did you first learn of SMPS and what motivated you to join?

Walter P Moore is very supportive of, and involved with, SMPS. My boss, Blair Hanuschak, took me to my first SMPS event on my second day of work and from then on I’ve attended almost every event. Blair even taught me some golf so I could participate in the SMPS golf tournament. I’m completely new to the industry and love the support and knowledge that SMPS provides through luncheons, education programs, and Guru Guidance.

How did you get started in the A/E/C industry?

I was working as a Development Associate with United Way NCA and my job was to work with companies to develop campaigns. It was a very client-focused position dependent on quickly developing relationships. Walter P Moore was one of my clients, and I ended up developing a successful relationship. I was on contract with United Way and Walter P Moore happened to be looking for a BD Coordinator around the time it was ending.

Can you share with our members any networking or business development tips that have helped you be successful?

Keep your eyes open. Everything is business development. Yes, it’s important to go to networking events and be on your “A” game, but you should always put your best foot forward. We can’t always anticipate the opportunities surrounding us. I didn’t know that Walter P Moore would be hiring when I walked in their door, but hey, I’m here now.

Hardest Lesson Learned:

A lot of flexibility is needed to work in this industry. We are constantly coordinating not only with our own team members, but between offices in different time zones, and with clients and owners that also have busy schedules. Being able to find an order in the chaos is absolutely necessary for success. Having schedules and budgeting time is helpful because it prepares you for the inevitable last minute rush, but it’s important not to get too attached to how you think the week, day, or even hour is going to go.

What would you consider your greatest achievement to date?

I’ve always been very involved in the nonprofit world, and helped launch a social enterprise in Nashville called The Nashville Mobile Market. A medical student was constantly hearing patients complain of chronic diseases – obesity, diabetes, hypertension – resulting from a lack of access to food. He heard stories about “the market man” that drove a pickup truck in the area during World War II filled with food for those that needed it, and modernized the idea to a 28-foot long trailer driving all around Nashville and acting as a pop-up grocery store. I’m still so honored to have participated in its inception. It was something I really had a connection to and ownership of, and I will always be proud of the impact it made.

Thank you for your time. Any closing thoughts or advice for our members?

Surround yourself with people that know what they are doing and watch them, ask a thousand questions and actually listen to their answers, and just try to absorb as much of their knowledge and experience as possible.

Interview by: Shaylee Carmona CannonDesign