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10 Apr, 2017

New Member Spotlight: Courtney Nolan

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Name: Courtney Nolan
Company: Trammell Crow Company
Title/role: Marketing Specialist
Hometown & Current town: Leesburg, VA
Alma Mater(s): Virginia Tech
Favorite DC-area restaurant: Founding Farmers
Favorite DC tourist destination: The National Christmas Tree around the holidays
Favorite book – business and/or pleasure: Catcher in the Rye
Food you always crave: Dessert - all day, every day.
Favorite celebrity/brand to follow on social: Reese Witherspoon
Favorite app: Snapseed
Favorite movie: Any Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie, like “You’ve Got Mail” or “Sleepless in Seattle”
Currently binging on Netflix: Rewatching Parks and Recreation for the 1,000th time
When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Baking something in the kitchen!
Dream job: Sports Agent

Let's Get to It

What inspired you to join SMPS and what are you hoping to get out of your membership? I was a Student Member when I interned at Gordon (back then, it was WHGA – shout out to Justin Jacobs!) in college and found SMPS to be a great way to not only learn about the A/E/C industry, but to really connect with other professionals. As a marketing student, SMPS was really my first foray into marketing and business development outside of the classroom – glad to be back as a full member!

What has been the most valuable part of your membership so far? Connecting, and reconnecting, with old coworkers and new friends. Our industry truly is all about relationships.

What got you into the AEC industry and what keeps you here? I briefly tried my hand in political communications and soon realized that wasn’t the right path for me. When I was searching for my next move, I remembered my two summers at Gordon and was always amazed to see how much of an impact companies in this industry have on the built environment, so I jumped at an opening with Trammell Crow Company. While developers don’t typically fit in the “AEC” bucket, we interact with each other on a daily basis on pursuits and projects, and I love that cross of ideas and specialties. And it seems like you can’t drive anywhere in this region without seeing cranes, which is always really exciting – onto the next great project!

What has been your favorite SMPS DC or SMPS event? I really enjoyed the Marketing and Communications Awards Celebration this year – so great to see what fun, creative things other firms are doing to promote themselves and their work, and this year’s submissions didn’t disappoint!

What part of the SMPS mission to Advocate, Educate, and Connect most resonates with you and why? I think the education component, to me, is critical. I’m a huge believer that we should continue to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and to learn new things in order to grow - both professionally and personally. I always find the programs and webinars hosted by SMPS to be incredibly valuable and relevant.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned through SMPS (an event, speaker, or fellow member)? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re not expected to know everything – and you won’t look ‘silly’ for asking.

Best work-related advice you’ve ever gotten? Do your homework. Whether it’s an interview for a new job or a new client – prepare. Do as much research as you can about the company, people, etc. before you walk in the door.