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01 Feb, 2019

New Member Spotlight: Tiffany Abbott

Anne Morris

Member Spotlight  
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Tiffany Abbott is a Marketing & Proposal Development Manager at Bowman Consulting Group and celebrated her one year membership anniversary on January 12! We caught up with Tiffany to find how she got into the A/E/C industry and how SMPS has helped her early on in her career.


Name: Tiffany Abbott

Company: Bowman Consulting Group

Title/role: Marketing & Proposal Development Manager

Hometown & Current town: Hometown: Frederick, MD; Current: Sterling, VA

Alma Mater(s): Frostburg State University

Family/pets: I have two sisters, one lives in Ashburn and the other lives in Charles Town, WV along with my parents. Oh yeah…and my cat, Frank.

Favorite DC-area restaurant: SEI Restaurant and Lounge

Favorite DC tourist destination: Great Falls Park

Favorite travel destination: Oahu, HI – hope to do a lot of overseas travel in the coming year(s) to expand on my experiences!

Favorite book – business and/or pleasure: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

Food you always crave: Sushi

Favorite celebrity/brand to follow on social: Stefi Cohen, Kai Greene

Favorite app: Calm or MyFitnessPal

Favorite movie: Dumb and Dumber

Currently binging on Netflix: Conversations with a Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

When I’m not at work you’ll find me: At the gym

Dream job: To own a gym with a café/restaurant attached designed to meet the nutritional needs of everyone from the “average joe” to the competitive bodybuilder to those with food allergies and/or challenges.

Let’s Get To It…

What inspired you to join SMPS and what are you hoping to get out of your membership?

I joined SMPS to increase my professional network and find individuals who can relate to the struggles, challenges, and goals of marketers in the A/E/C industry. As someone who has worn many, if not all, of the hats in the marketing world at some point in her career, keeping up with the trends and things to come in marketing as it relates to A/E/C and in general is really valuable for this group.

What has been the most valuable part of your membership so far?

I really enjoy going to conferences and learning from the keynote speakers on topics that relate to but aren’t necessarily directly related to the work we do. Also, connecting with many of the other marketers that we work with on a daily basis but may not ever have the opportunity to physically meet is a great perk.

What got you into the A/E/C industry and what keeps you here?

Desperation for a new job was what got me into the A/E/C industry. I applied for a position as a Marketing Specialist at Bowman on a Friday in April of 2012 and was hired that Monday. The fast-paced nature of our jobs and working with so many different minds keeps me here. I’ve been very fortunate to really grow and mold not only my position here to what it is today, but also my department. Bowman has provided me with many opportunities that I don’t think I would have had at many other places.

What has been your favorite SMPS DC or SMPS event?

NERC in 2018 was a great event!

What part of the SMPS mission to Advocate, Educate, and Connect most resonates with you and why?

Educate. Marketing is such a fluid and ever-changing career path and being able to keep up with that is vital to survival in our positions. I don’t ever want there to be a time when I’m not learning something and SMPS provides so many resources to ensure that we are continuously educating ourselves.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned through SMPS?

Emilie Aries spoke at a conference last year and I found her conversation not only to be engaging but very motivational, as well. I was able to take a lot of the techniques and topics she touched on and apply them to my own coaching and managing style which has helped me and my team. I’m looking forward to her book release in May!

Best work-related advice you’ve ever gotten?

“No.” is a complete sentence.

Who is your professional idol? Why?

My sister, Kimberly Sigwalt. She is, for lack of a better phrase, a total badass. She holds a management position at Leidos in Reston, VA and has grown her career exponentially all while being a wife and a mother of two really great kids. She is smart, funny, and, from everyone I’ve spoken to who works with her, she’s a great boss, too. She has helped guide me in many of the professional decisions I’ve made over the years and talked me off the ledge, so to speak, on more than one occasion. I can only hope and work to be as successful as she is!