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14 Jan, 2013

New! QR Codes

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SMPS DC has added a new feature this year. For each event, QR codes will be displayed for quick and easy access to program evaluations. The QR code will be displayed at the registration table and various places throughout each event to enhance and streamline participation in event surveys. The code is scannable with any smart phone or tablet. Utilizing a QR code will allow us to collect instant feedback from our events and help us eliminate those email surveys that hit your inbox.

Plan ahead and download a QR code reader to your smartphone or tablet today! Here are a few tips on how to download a free QR code reader. You must first have a web-enabled, smart phone or tablet (one that can access the internet and has a camera function)

  1. Go to your device’s app store and search for “QR” or “QR readers.” Depending on your device, there are a number of good ones. Look for the star ratings and read the reviews to decide which one is best for your smartphone or tablet. Click on the suggested links below for more information and to directly download an app:
    1. iPhone/iPad: QR Scanner or QR Reader
    2. Droid: Barcode Scanner
    3. Blackberry: BeeTagg or UpCode
  2. Once you download a QR reader, open it and scan a QR code. Some work better than others, and it may take one or two tries to get the hang of it.
  3. Remember, when you want to scan a QR code, you will need to open the QR reader app first, otherwise you will just end up taking a picture of a QR code.

Once you have mastered scanning QR Codes, we encourage you to try scanning the QR code at the next SMPSDC event you attend and complete our event survey! We value your feedback to make each event better than the last.

Thank you for your participation in this new initiative for our chapter!