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28 Sep, 2017

Our Future's So Bright...We Kicked It Off in Shades

Jordan Garren

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On September 12, SMPS DC marked the beginning of the 2017 – 2018 program year and honored the Chapter’s 35th anniversary with a celebration at the DNV Rooftop, set against a magnificent view of the city where our members build business. Chapter President Pipper Mosley and the Board of Directors welcomed more than 80 AEC industry professionals including active, former, and prospective members. In addition to the food, drinks and camaraderie of the present, the event provided an opportunity for us to spend a moment acknowledging SMPS DC’s past, and to focus on the exciting year ahead.

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SMPS DC kick-off attendees answer trivia quiz questions with 2016-2017 Career Advancement Director Amy Cuddy.

Our first Chapter President, Phil Tobey –who served as a founding member in 1982- attended the event, remarking on his pride for the organization in its humble beginnings. Though we have clearly grown in numbers, the opportunities we all currently experience for relationship-building, community service, and professional advancement very much stem from the work he and his peers did to establish an active and well-connected chapter in those early years. It was an honor to have him share this milestone anniversary with us and share his remembrances.

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Phil Tobey, SMPS DC's first chapter president, shares memories of the chapter's founding with attendees.

We also hosted SMPS Headquarters staff members, leadership from our neighbors at SMPS MD, and SMPS Fellow Andrew Weinberg as special guests. Our quiz game featured trivia questions honoring SMPS DC’s past, giving newer members a chance to investigate the answers with these guests and with our experienced board members, who provided insight into the background of the organization.

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Jessica Marcotte and SMPS DC Membership Director Michael Knowles celebrate the chapter's 35th anniversary.

Pipper also encouraged our representation of the present and hope for the future, by providing an opportunity for attendees to share what belonging to SMPS means to us, and helping the Special Events Committee give away exciting door prizes to our quiz winners. Her effort to build on SMPS’ national commitment to transform business through marketing leadership has translated into her theme for this year, and a call to action for all SMPS DC members: Leadership – Lead yourself. Lead others. Lead the chapter!

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SMPS DC committee volunteers Marcos Molina and Jessica Gillette write down memories of what SMPS DC means to them.

A special thanks goes out to our event sponsor Christopher Consultants, our in-kind photography sponsor Sam Kittner, and all of our chapter leaders and volunteers, without whom these kind of exciting networking opportunities would not be possible!