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06 May, 2011

Pay it Forward for Build Business in 2011

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In anticipation of a fantastic Build Business this year in Chicago, the SMPS DC chapter came up with an exciting new grant. The chapter will sponsor the attendance of one lucky member in exchange for a download of all the "marketing gold" they learned upon return.

The program represents a wonderful opportunity for a member with a limited marketing budget to still take advantage of the biggest SMPS event of the year. The grant doesn't just cover the registration though, it includes:

  • Registration ($990)
  • Airline cost (up to $400)
  • 3 night hotel stay ($688)
  • Miscellaneous meal costs (up to $50)

The investment for the chapter is well worth it, if the recipient is able to capture some of the valuable content of Build Business and share it with other local members that didn't have the chance to go.

For more information, simply download the Grant Application Flyer!