05 Apr, 2010

President Obama pays his respects to Larry!

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By: Erin Orr, CPSM

When we asked Larry what he really wanted to do when he came to DC his first answer was to meet as many members of the Excellent SMPS DC Chapter. Very nice of him and we made this happen with lots of fun events but his second wish was to meet The President. We thought he meant President Obama but we misunderstood him he meant our current SMPS DC Chapter President, Pat Ellis and President Elect, Alison Carney. Since we had already arranged for him to meet the President of the United States so we decided to carry through with our original plans. To bring the best of both worlds together President Elect, Alison Carney accompanied Larry on his visit to the White House for an afternoon of first class treatment. (this will totally be Alison's holiday card for 2010)