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07 Feb, 2022

Presidents b(Log)

Kim Metzinger

President's (b)Log  
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The start of a new year is always a chance to reset and refocus. Whether that takes the form of resolutions, intentions, or simply continued good practices, we often use this time to set the tone for the year. If you didn’t get around to that in January (how did it fly by so quickly?) or you're looking for more inspiration, I encourage you to use SMPS as a tool to invest in yourself and your company.

If you've attended a few events and are looking to increase your involvement, consider becoming a member. I joined SMPS 14 years ago, and it's been hugely impactful on my career path. It has helped me grow as a marketer, introduced me to mentors and friends, and prepared me to be a better manager and leader. It’s more than an industry association or a networking opportunity. SMPS is a group of people who want to truly build each other up while advancing our profession.

If you're already a member, take stock of what you're putting in and what you're getting out of your membership. Maybe you want to join a committee and become a volunteer. Serving on a committee is a great way to meet other members in a smaller setting, to grow and develop skills you need to advance, and to build your circle of peers who will be with you throughout your career.

If you haven't attended many events lately, our calendar is full of exciting programs. Consider joining us for these upcoming programs:

And lastly, if you've got great ideas for programs or thoughts on where SMPS DC can go next, consider chapter leadership. The call for Board nominations will be out soon, and we'd love for you to help set the tone for what’s to come. An added bonus? This fall marks SMPS DC’s 40th anniversary, you won’t want to miss the celebration!

Kim Metzinger

SMPS DC President