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14 Nov, 2016

President's (b)Log: November

Laura Ewan

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Well DC, we made it. This controversial and divisive election cycle is over, and whether your side won or lost, it’s now time for us all to move forward – together. As I scrolled through my social media feeds last week on the bus to work, I saw a lot of emotions being expressed by many of my SMPS colleagues here in DC and across the nation. It struck me how different we all can be, both in what we believe and how we choose to express those beliefs. Then I saw a post from SMPS Fellow Holly Bolton, who, instead of taking part in the commentary from both sides of the aisle, was inspired to seek opportunities to continue supporting the causes near and dear to her heart.

Standing out from the political noise, this post reminded me of something we all have in common here at SMPS – the desire to make a difference. As marketers and business developers, we are creative, resilient, and resourceful. We overcome challenges in the workplace on a daily basis – whether it’s juggling multiple deadlines, stretching a budget, or managing difficult personalities – to create solutions and impact. Why should today be any different? Every four years, we’re given the opportunity to make a difference with a ballot, but the other three years and 364 days we can choose to do it through our actions. As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, let’s choose to rise above the politics, whatever yours may be, to instead leverage our strengths as marketers to improve our communities, our firms, and our careers. I promise you that this chapter and organization are here to support each of you however we can.


This December, the SMPS DC chapter is hosting two events that provide an opportunity to give back to our local community and causes we care deeply about. First, our annual holiday party and fundraiser, LocalMotive, will be held on December 6th at Prequel in Chinatown and will benefit our longtime philanthropic partner, The Children’s Inn at NIH. Join us for a festive event, complete with a silent auction and raffle full of fantastic prizes, courtesy of local firms and sponsors, and help make a difference for families striving to provide comfort and medical care for children undergoing research at NIH.

We’re also continuing our support of the Wreaths Across America event at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, December 17th. This will be our fourth year supporting this cause to honor and remember the veterans who give their lives to defend our freedom, and we hope you will join us to take part in recognizing their sacrifice. The chapter will be organizing brunch afterwards at Epic Smokehouse for participants to gather and share this memorable experience with other volunteers. These events are both great ways to meet other SMPS DC members and contribute to two meaningful local causes.


Start your year off right this January with a seller-doer program led by HDR’s Wally Wise to learn more about strategic client management and how it can help your firm build business and win work. As we all know, there’s no better way to impact the success of your firm than creating a thriving, successful seller-doer culture. More information on this program will be released in the coming weeks.


Lastly, we hope you all enjoyed the second annual CPSM Week, which highlighted the benefits of CPSM certification and featured stories from local SMPS DC members on how the designation has impacted their careers and their firms. If you’re looking for a way to take the next step in your career, there is no better way than to earn your CPSM. I speak from experience when I say that it will expand your knowledge of the marketing and business development functions, expose you to an elite group of marketing peers, and elevate your reputation in the industry. SMPS DC’s CPSM Bootcamp will kick off in January with a cram session for experience professionals, followed by a series of webinars and in-person sessions aimed at preparing you for certification success. Contact Career Advancement Director Amy Cuddy to learn more about the upcoming bootcamp and the CPSM designation, and let us help you take control of your career.

This year’s campaign trail has been a bumpy one for all involved, but I choose to see the future as bright. As Americans and residents of the nation’s capital, we have much to be grateful for – things that I will gladly raise a glass to this holiday season. Our country is one that’s full of passion and opportunity, one where all voices matter, one where every individual can make a difference. Whether you’re in the majority this time around or not, I encourage each of you to look beyond your personal politics to channel your inner Holly Bolton. Find a cause that’s near and dear to your heart, and then find a way to make an impact, no matter how small. People that care will always make a difference – and we, our industry, and our country will all be better for it.

Until next month,
Laura Ewan
President, SMPS DC