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08 Nov, 2017

President's (b)log: November

Pipper Mosley

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It is hard to believe that we are already in the third month of the current program year! As the clocks roll back and we gear up for the approaching holiday season, I would like to thank all of our committee chairs for an excellent start. This success can be partially attributed to the committee goals and strategy vision that we identified for the Chapter during our summer planning session. A clear and consistent vision is one trait that sets great organizations apart from others, and marketers can play a crucial role in spreading this message for their firms.

Consistent Message

It is critical that you can paint a vivid picture of where your marketing team is headed. You should use the vision to motivate and guide your team’s action, so that everyone’s effort contributes to a company achieving its goals. We each have a role to play in communicating our firm’s vision either to the outside world of clients and teaming partners or internally to staff, but no matter who the communication comes from - it need to be consistent, clear and memorable. Marketing can help to shape this message as well as assist in keeping it consistent, no matter the client or market.

Sharing your company message along with networking across all levels of marketing and business development is the purpose of our newest event planned for next month. On December 13, our Networking Lunch Roundtables will give participants the opportunity to meet and share business knowledge.

Engaging Your Team

As mentioned, you should use the vision to motivate and guide team action, but it is more than just that. As a leader, you need to present this message in a way that your marketing team can relate to and get their buy-in. You can achieve this through meaningful conversations and agenda-setting of common objectives with your team of professionals. On November 16, our first Senior Marketers Round Table (SMaRT) program focuses on the Modern Marketing Team.

In addition, our Guru Guidance program is designed to foster long-term professional and career development through one-on-one mentoring relationships - the first Guru Guidance group event is scheduled for November 15.

Measuring Success

A vision helps to build a successful marketing program and you should strive to cultivate a shared purpose. This will hopefully result in your team moving in the same direction, staying inspired, and delivering results that go beyond expectations. Establishing measurable goals and benchmarks is essential. Stay tuned for the new date for our postponed education program - How to Create a Marketing Budget and Manage to It - which will help you to lay a foundation and help determine one of the criteria for measuring success. In closing, I encourage you to define and live your vision for marketing leadership.

Not only do we host fun events, we also provide engaging speakers on topics of industry interest and professional development opportunities. I hope to see you at our Holiday Celebration - A SMPS Carol on December 6!

Pipper Mosley CPSM, LEED Green Associate
President, SMPS DC