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15 Oct, 2016

President's (b)Log: October

Laura Ewan

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A Monthly update from SMPS DC President Laura Ewan, CPSM

Those of you who know me, or who remember our Board of Director profiles from last year, know that I LOVE CARTOONS. So when FXX announced last month they're doing another marathon of all 600 episodes of The Simpsons this Thanksgiving, it goes without saying that I got a little excited. I’ve been watching this show almost my entire life, even back when my parents weren't letting us (sorry Mom!). To me, it's a classic. One that I will happily binge-watch for thirteen days straight, amazed at how much it's changed – or not – over almost thirty years on the air. Talk about a challenge. How have the creators of this show continued to look at something they’ve done week after week, year after year, for three decades in a new light?

As marketers, we can often feel the same pressures of repetition. How do we keep ourselves motivated to look at yet another RFP, networking event, or campaign through a fresh lens? For me, that's what this year's theme of connectivity is all about. Keeping every member of SMPS DC connected to the people, resources, and opportunities they need to stay inspired – and keep pushing their careers, and firms, forward

Guru Guidance
Guru Guidance mentor and mentee participants introduce themselves and share what they’re hoping to get out of the program as a part of our annual Guru Guidance pairing event.


  • Nothing brings our members together like our annual mentoring program, Guru Guidance, which kicked off October 5th with a pairing event hosted at SmithGroupJJR. Now in it’s eighth year, Guru Guidance has grown to support more than 50 participants of diverse experience levels who gather throughout the year to share challenges, experiences, and advice within their pairs and the larger group.
  • On Friday, October 14th, we held our bi-annual New Member Breakfast at Hotel Tabard Inn. If you’re new to SMPS DC, there is no better way to meet fellow new members, learn how to maximize your membership, and hear about the variety of educational and volunteer opportunities this chapter has to offer.
  • This November also marks the continuation of our quarterly Board and Member Mixer, a free-for-members networking event on November 2nd. We encourage you to join us for this Board-hosted happy hour to welcome new members, reconnect with colleagues, and chat with the Board about what’s next for SMPS DC.
Strategic Marketing Plan
Speakers Mindy Hinsley, CPSM and Carrie Ann Williams, CPSM, join Education Director Ashley Campbell and committee program organizer Becca Starer at September’s Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan program.


  • Are you ready for strategic planning season? Those of you attended our Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan program on September 29th certainly are. The dynamic duo of Mindy Hinsley, CPSM and Carrie Ann Williams, CPSM shared their simplified approach to creating an actionable strategic marketing plan to a sold-out crowd at our first educational program of the 2016-2017 year.
  • For the more experienced marketers out there, be sure to check out our Senior Marketers Round Table (SMaRT) series, which kicked off with our first meeting October 11th at RepEquity. SMaRT provides an intimate and open forum for principals and senior-level marketers to discuss challenges specific to their level in a safe peer environment.
From October 31-November 4, SMPS celebrates all things certification with the second annual CPSM Week. Join us to learn more about the benefits of being a CPSM.


  • Our popular lunch program series focused on bringing you the latest local procurement opportunities begins October 25th with a spotlight on Working with Local Universities. Representatives from George Mason University, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland will be on hand to share insight on upcoming development on their respective campuses. We’ve also lined up Linda Anderson, Principal of Anderson Stickler, to discuss current trends in campus housing.
  • Looking to open the door to new career opportunities? Then join us during CPSM Week on November 1st for our bi-annual CPSM Mixer and Happy Hour, where chapter CPSM leaders will talk about the benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Services Marketer and share logistics about this year’s CPSM Bootcamp.

Whether it’s a conversation with a fellow member, the chance to learn from an industry expert, or the potential for a new lead that gets you fired up, we all need that time away from our desks to stay inspired. Exposing ourselves to new people and perspectives is what allows us to continue seeing our day-to-day efforts (even the repetitive ones) through a fresh lens – and grow as marketers. This year, I encourage each of us to stay connected, with each other and the chapter. Try out a new program, or revisit an old favorite. Who knows? It may be just what you need to take yourself, and your firm, to the next lebel...D’oh!...level.

Laura Ewan, CPSM
President, SMPS DC