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05 Apr, 2010

Sights of DC through a Lobster's Eyes...

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Fabulous tour guide: Alison Carney, CPSM

After getting a good night’s sleep and recovering from his night on the town with some very fun SMPS DC members, our favorite crustacean spends time doing tourist things in DC.

Larry is impressed upon checking out the city’s new bike station at Union Station and learning that the designer is a local architecture firm. Happy to see DC looking at more alternative transportation, Larry tests out a couple of the bikes.


Later at National Harbor, Larry is awed by The Awakening sculpture and poses for pictures with the toes and the arm rising from the sand. (and our Prez Elect, Alison Carney)


Larry is thrilled to meet friendly bike police who are honored to have a photo taken together at on the banks of the Potomac River at National Harbor.


Happy Easter Larry! We went to great lengths and pulled some strings for Larry.... arranged for an introduction at the PEEPS store at National Harbor.


Larry met and talked with thousands of people all over DC! He was promoting Build Business to everyone he met and showing his love for SMPS DC. What better way to get around the nations capital than to befriend a team of DC firefighters and cruise through the streets in the shiny #7 red engine?