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05 Jul, 2016

SMPS DC’s Book Club Heads to Philly

Amy Cuddy

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SMPS DC's successful book club, On the Same Page (OSP), is heading to Philly for Build Business, and we're spending this month preparing for the big trip. Whether or not you're attending the national conference, you can participate in a pre-convention session right here in DC.

OSP is organized by SMPS DC’s Career Advancement Committee. The book club combines professional development and networking as we learn from other SMPS members. The group draws a diverse group of seasoned veterans and those new to the industry. At an OSP event we work in pairs to read excerpts from that month's book selection. Then we discuss what we read one-on-one with a partner and with the larger group. This gets everyone talking, and listening, as we unpack the text for what it means to each of us and how it’s relevant to our careers. Although we encourage reading the book beforehand, OSP is set up so that everyone can attend and participate.

This month we’re reading The Start Up of You, by Ben Casnocha, a keynote speaker at Build Business. The book applies lessons learned in Silicon Valley to professional growth with the idea that we are all entrepreneurs: we need to be nimble, we need to invest in ourselves, we need to take risks, and we need to build our networks.

On Wednesday, July 13th, we're meeting in DC, to discuss The Start Up of You and share our insights with each other.

Our next step is taking OSP to Build Business, where we’ve invited the whole country to join the discussion. On Wednesday night, Ben Casnocha is the featured speaker, and on Thursday morning, SMPS DC is sponsoring and facilitating the book club breakout session.

We hope you’ll join us in DC on July 13th and in Philly on August 11th.