11 Nov, 2010

Social Media Strategies Education Program

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Building Engagement: Social Media Strategies

Together Education Chair, Brian Reilly and committee member, Kerri Ingham co-championed the planning of the education kick-off program on October 21st. With the support of this robust committee they set out to develop a program that would promote the Chapter theme for the year, “Engagement” and incorporate the emerging communication revolution better known as, social media. Members and nonmembers came out in droves to this nearly sold out breakfast program entitled “Building Engagement: Social Media Strategies to Influence Brand Perception and Positioning”.

Moderated by Judy Schreiner, Industry Journalist and Author the program began with a questionnaire to best target the specific program topics to benefit the audience. Front runners subjects included ROI, internal buy in, time management, content sources, and measurement tactics. As one of the first industry bloggers, Judy shared her perspective on how new technologies have affected traditional media distribution outlets. Discussions arose debating the value of the traditional press release versus new age day “tweets”.

Once the “social media-ites” (aka audience) were warmed up and caffeinated, Judy began to fire zinger questions at both panelists. The panel featured architectural giants, Jodi Williams from HOK and Kate Kirkpatrick of Gensler. The underlying theme addressed by both speakers was how to connect new (social media) strategies with an AEC firm’s traditional marketing plan. Furthermore, they stressed the importance of leveraging existing content and directing your audiences within your online “outposts” or network (web space outside your corporate website).

Both Jodi and Kate illustrated to the audience, through their examples of their well-established corporate social media platforms, what success looks like. In both case studies return on investment was proven through awarded projects, plentiful PR opportunities, and increased internal and external engagement. Both Gensler and HOK have successfully engaged with users on new digital platforms and built new audiences which have positively impacted their bottom line.

Be sure to check out leading AEC examples of social media success through Gensler’s blog gensleron.com and twitter handles @gensleronwork, @GenslerLFstyle, @GenslerOnCities; as well as HOK’s award-winning blog hoklife.com and corresponding twitter handle @hoknetwork.

So what is all this social media madness? Not sure? Be sure to join us at our monthly social media education events (and TweetUps) hosted by the Communications Committee. Check the SMPSdc facebook fan page for details.

by: Erin Orr

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