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31 Jan, 2011

Successful Strategic Partnerships: Small and Prime Business Team-Building

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Friday, January 28th marked the date for the first Principals Roundtable event of 2011. Held at the Army Navy Club in Washington, DC, this event was attended by both small and prime businesses alike to discuss successful teaming strategies and partnership trends in the local A/E/C marketplace.

The session was led by an esteemed panel, including:

There were many valuable points to be taken from the event. However, the best quote of the morning goes to Cadis Stretcher for “trust but verify”. This was part of the many discussions on structuring the right teaming for each client, and structuring for long-term success vs. single opportunities. At the end of this session, attendees and panelists were able to benefit from an open and candid dialogue that will help influence the way each of their respective firms view A/E/C teaming in the future.

By Justin Jacobs Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.

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