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23 Feb, 2011

Team Discount to Build Business!

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The first team of three to five DC Chapter members to register together receives a team discount to Build Business!

What a great deal!

Build Business: The Bottom Line, is the 2011 SMPS National Conference, August 24-26, in Chicago.

Team discount is limited to ONE DC Chapter team – the first team to submit completed forms with payment.

To qualify, the team must complete the Build Business Registration Form with payment and submit AS INSTRUCTED ON THE REGISTRATION FORM. Only the FIRST team of three to five DC Chapter members that submits together for the team discount will receive $90 off the registration.

Team Discount Rules:

  • Each chapter can use the discount to send one team.
  • That team must be composed of no fewer than three and no more than five people.
  • The team members can be board members or regular members or a mix.
  • The discount is $90/person off the current registration rate. If your team registers before February 28, each active SMPS member pays just $900/person (rather than $990/person). After February 28, the registration fees increase, but the team discount of $90/person still applies.
  • There is no deadline. The chapter can register a team right up until the conference begins. However, teams will save more money the earlier they register.
  • Full payment must accompany the forms. The team members can each supply their own payment, but the payments and forms must arrive together in one package at the SMPS National office. Please indicate on the package the chapter you are representing.

To participate, team members must fill out the attached Build Business Registration Form and submit their forms and payments together. The DC chapter’s name MUST be written at the top of each form to clearly identify the team.